Fenix CashFlow Project

Specification for LTD services


Specification of services 1

LTD (Private Limited Company)

Package LTD Essential
for start-ups, contractors and small businesses

Net prices without VAT 2


Package LTD Essential
Registration of LTD company 200 GBP

On the order (for customers of the Project, one-time payment)

Package LTD Essential
Apostille (required by foreign banks) 200 GBP
Registration in PAYE (employer) 200 GBP
Registration VAT 200 GBP
Registration VAT-MOSS3 200 GBP
Certificate of tax residence of the LTD company 250 GBP
Changes to entries in the Companies House from 60 GBP


Package LTD Essential
  • current accounting service
  • representation before the authorities (CH, HMRC)
  • Accounts for HMRC
  • consultations by e-mail and phone with an accounting office in the UK
six-month Annual (with annual subscription one month free)
Subscription 600 GBP 1100 GBP
Confirmation statement (yearly report for Companies House) 95 GBP

Additional subscription services

Package LTD Essential
six-month Annual
Support registered office address in the UK, Banbury 180 GBP 360 GBP
Accounting for VAT 200 GBP 400 GBP
Accounting for VAT-MOSS 200 GBP 400 GBP
On-line software 120 GBP 240 GBP

Payroll (up to three directors)

180 GBP 360 GBP

Payroll (up to five directors)

240 GBP 480 GBP

Additional services

Package LTD Essential
The acquisition of the service (the company without gaps in registration) 0 GBP
The acquisition of the company with support 0f reconstruction of the missing codes to Companies House and HMRC 200 GBP
Outstanding Confirmation statement 95 GBP
Accounts of the acquired company the price depends on the date of incorporation and the number of documents. Indicatively approx. 1200 GBP for the full year.
Closing of the company 200 GBP

VAT and VAT-MOSS (in European Union)

The necessity of registration for VAT or for VAT-MOSS (if needed), is discussed individually. VAT and VAT MOSS accounts include the basic rate. Actual operating costs depend on the quality and form of the documents supplied as well as the number of documents.


Before the creation of the company we recommend consultation with a competent person (legal counsel, lawyer, tax advisor, etc.) specializing in companies in the Polish and the UK (eg. recommended by us Law Office in Lodz). From the registration fees we subtract max 30 GBP based on a copy of the invoice from the Law Office. Law Office is preparing a cooperation agreement in which it is contained information about the risk of legal and tax-related creation, registration and bookkeeping of the LTD company.

Extended offer

Package LTD Work-Smart (in the preparation)

For businesses looking to grow.

Package LTD Accelerate (in the preparation)

For businesses looking for additional support to grow quickly.

1 This document is non-binding and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code of Poland.

2 The appearance of the VAT on the invoice due to the provisions on value added tax and is dependent on the parties between which and from which countries trade is conducted.

3 In the case of the obligation to pay VAT and registration in the MOSS, for clients who are not formally in VAT. This also applies to companies outside the European Union with its customers in the European Union.