Fenix CashFlow Project

Payment by bitcoin (BTC)

Payment by bitcoin (BTC)

Payment by bitcoin (BTC)

Since the 15th of February 2017  the Fenix CashFlow Project accepts payment by cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC) for the service of set up, registration and bookkeeping of LTD companies in UK and LLC companies in Delaware, USA.

payment-usd-gbp-bitcoin-dascoinIn the second half of 2017 we are planning to introduce the possibility to pay via cryptocurrency DasCoin (DSC) and cycles directly from the NetLeaders license of DasCoin minting.

NetLeaders licences of minting of DasCoin



Invoices will continue to be issued in GBP and USD. At the customer’s request there will be sent an additional invoice in BTC or DSC (or cycles) with the cryptocurrency address for payment, and instructions about how to pay for the service.

See articles about DasCoin on the blog “Knowledge for Freedom”

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